3D Crystal Square with Photo Inside

3D Crystal Square

Bring your most treasured memories to life with this stunning 3D Crystal Square. This unique and beautiful keepsake is perfect for displaying family photos or as a personalized gift for any occasion.

Identification of particular polyhedral 3D crystal shapes is a subfield of the broader field of object recognition (Mundy, 2006). Reconstructing the shape information from 2D projections of the particle size distribution is an important challenge.

Customization Options

The most memorable moments of your life can be engraved into crystal, making them perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. These laser-engraved crystal keepsakes are a wonderful way to commemorate your memories, and they can be personalized with text, designs, or even a heartwarming message.

The 3D subsurface engraving process used by our team can etch just about any logo or image into optical crystal, giving it a vivid 3-dimensional effect. This allows you to create a truly unique award that will leave your recipient with a lasting memory of the occasion or event they were honored at.

A custom picture pendant is a fun and unique gift that lets you bring your loved ones with you wherever you go. Choose from a variety of shapes and customization options to find the perfect necklace for your special someone. Lighted bases are available to add a touch of elegance and to make your laser-engraved image shine.


We offer a variety of different sizes to fit your needs. Each one is made of optical crystal that has been subsurface engraved with your logo and/or images. This engraving process allows us to create a high-resolution image inside the award. It is not limited to just company emblems but can include full images of people, objects, newspapers clippings, and even machinery.

Engraved 3D crystal photo pendants make the perfect gift for a loved one. They are great for mother’s day gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, and valentine’s day gifts. These engraved crystal photo necklaces allow you to preserve your best memories and display your unending love for someone.

Our engraved crystal cubes are illuminated by LED light bases that add to the uniqueness of your gift. This amazing add-on highlights your laser-engraved image and any text you choose to have etched in your crystal. This makes your cherished memories stand out and shine brightly in front of anyone who sees it.


Using 3D Laser Technology, we etch photos in the crystal that looks like a sculpture of your loved ones inside. This unique gift is a beautiful and heartwarming way to show your love for your family.

Unlike traditional 2D laser engraving, the 3D laser technique allows us to reproduce complex designs with stunning realism in the crystal. Whether it is a photo, animal, human form, or product design, we can turn any image into an elegant and breathtaking sculpture deep inside the crystal.

We also offer a light base add-on for your 3D crystal to illuminate and bring your images to life. This accessory is available in different shapes and sizes to match your needs and taste.


With a large following on Instagram and a plethora of positive customer reviews, this online service lets you cement your most precious memories into a crystal. Whether it’s a family portrait, fingerprint, or an engagement ring, you can turn the most special moments into timeless keepsakes.

Unlike traditional framed photographs or metal lockets, these custom creations are unique and thoughtful gifts. They’re especially appropriate for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or valentine’s day.

Aside from 3D photos, the company also offers personalized crystals for corporate events and recognition awards. They’re perfect for recognizing your top performers and celebrating milestones. Moreover, you can also immortalize a loved one’s memory in a glass paperweight.

3D Crystal Square with Photo Inside

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