Pay Per Call Advertising is Effective and A Must for Affiliates

Pay Per Call Advertising is growing more popular each and every day. In fact, Pay Per Call Advertising is estimated to be the fastest growing channel on the Internet, overtaking the search market. Pay Per Call advertising is a service where advertisers only pay for the actual click that a visitor performs from their site. Pay Per Call services generally charge per contact, per lead or per conversion. Generally, Pay Per Call Advertising is very cost effective compared to other online advertising methods.

With Pay Per Call Advertising, marketers have the flexibility to test various marketing strategies without incurring large monetary investments. Different types of Pay Per Call marketing strategies are available through companies like AccentPipe and Linkshare. These companies enable affiliates to test various inbound and outbound marketing strategies free of charge and track results. They also help affiliates to measure the effectiveness of Pay Per Call marketing strategies and monitor traffic and conversions. Most of these services offer a wide range of services such as lead generation, targeted SMS marketing, social media management and mobile integration.

Some of the common advantages of Pay Per Call Advertising is: It is a low-cost way to advertise your product. Since affiliates only pay for actual inbound calls, there is no need to pay for leads or even for space on the website. You can set up a Pay Per Call account with any Internet based company and can receive payment instantly. It allows affiliates to test different marketing strategies and measure results. Pay Per Call advertisements are short and well-defined. There is no need to design a complex website or to hire an expensive content writing service.

There are several ways to use Pay Per Call Advertising to generate leads for your business. Some of these campaigns include telemarketing, direct mail, and on strategies. By utilizing Pay Per Call advertising you can attract targeted leads to your website and increase your return on investment (ROI) dramatically.

In order to generate leads through pay per call advertising campaigns, you need to have a strong sales script. A sales script should be designed by an experienced salesperson who can write custom scripts that address the unique needs of different affiliate marketing programs. A script should clearly explain the purpose of your Pay Per Call advertisement and include a strong sales pitch, an incentive for the visitor to fill out the form and an easy way for the visitor to unsubscribe from the list.

Affiliates need to follow the guidelines and regulations given by the Commission on Geographic Gifts and Revenue (CGTRA). The CGTRA establishes minimum qualifications for advertisers, minimum cost and maximum revenue and provides guidelines on how to track and report the ROI. The CGTRA also establishes an annual performance report that provides the Commission with the information needed to determine the effectiveness of pay per call advertising programs and recommends ways to improve such programs. Pay per call advertising is a very effective way for advertisers to generate qualified leads and generate more sales for their products or services.

Pay Per Call Advertising is Effective and A Must for Affiliates

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