What To Ask Before Hiring A Towing Service?

Tow truck companies do very valuable services for our communities. In fact, there are a number of businesses which would benefit from this necessary protection, including:

The tow truck company is required by law to have proper liability insurance in order to legally operate in a state. Any business that carries a towing service in its vehicle must be properly protected with this type of insurance in order to stay in business and avoid financial responsibility due to accidents. You can save a significant amount of money in the future if you invest in the type of towing liability insurance that is required by your state.

While there is a national mandate for all tow truck companies to carry at least uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, the actual amount which is covered varies greatly from state to state. As a matter of practicality, most people live in states where the minimum amount of coverage required is the same. However, to get a true understanding of exactly how much protection you should have in place, you should contact your own state’s insurance department. They will be able to provide you with a full list of the standards that are considered in your particular area.

You can often find an online quote for liability insurance protection for tow truck companies very easily. Simply search for your particular state’s requirements and then find an online provider who offers quotes from several different companies. You may find that it is more cost efficient and easier to use a comparison website than it would be to make several different calls to individual companies. This will help you to quickly compare the price and type of coverage which can be offered, as well as the reputation and experience of each company. When you use a company with which you feel comfortable with, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have taken the steps which are necessary to ensure the protection of yourself, your family, as well as any other property which may be damaged or destroyed in an accident.

There is a minimum price per mile that must be paid by all vehicle owners when they use a towing service for the first time, whether they are using their own truck or renting from a provider. Even if you are familiar with the price per mile that is charged for standard towing, you should still inquire about the rate change after you have used the service for one year. The reason for this is that rates can vary dramatically between providers and it would not be in your best interest to have your payment raised to the point where you cannot afford it. You should also ask about any other fees that may be associated with a towing service, such as a hook-up fee. While it is true that you should have to pay a hook-up fee, this fee is a one-time affair and is not intended to be a yearly fee.

A hook-up fee is generally charged by tow truck companies for the privilege of providing a vehicle towing service to another vehicle. This fee is not designed to interfere with your ability to get a good price per mile, so you will want to inquire about it when you are considering a new provider. If a tow truck company has not asked you to pay a hook-up fee when you rented the vehicle, it is likely that they are not charging a price per mile fee. In most cases, you can expect to pay a flat rate fee which can be as much as fifty cents per mile when you hire a truck from a reputable provider.

What To Ask Before Hiring A Towing Service?

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