Banford Veterinary Hospital, Vancouver, WA

Pet Hospital, founded by the great Dr. Ralph B. Mars III, is an outpatient medical care center that caters to pets of all breeds and ages. Banford Pet Hospital is a private, family-owned business established in Vancouver, Washington, U.S., which serves several local veterinarians. The corporation is part of the Mars, Inc. family of corporations. It is one of the largest veterinary service providers in British Columbia, Canada. It offers a full range of pet care services for cats, dogs, birds, fish and other pets.

The medical care facility offers a number of veterinary services including general veterinary care, boarding and pet surgery. It also provides pet health programs that address wellness management, diet, exercise, grooming, immunizations, heart disease and weight management. One of its services is the Pet Health Clinic, which is located in the basement of the Banford Building in downtown Vancouver. This clinic provides comprehensive care for dogs and cats for those pets who have recently undergone surgery or are at risk for having certain conditions.

For those pets that cannot be seen at the Pet Health Clinic, the Pet Health Center, established in 1998, offers all of the same veterinary services as the main facility. The center serves an expanded community of homes and businesses in the Central Business District, the Commercial Street area, and downtown Vancouver. Services offered include pet health exams, wellness consultation, diagnostic care and emergency care. The clinic provides veterinary care that is not only comprehensive but also affordable. In fact, the clinic accepts most major credit cards.

For those pets who cannot be seen at the clinics or hospitals, there are a number of online options for medical care services. Most of these options allow pet owners to pay through their bank accounts. There are also pet insurance programs that cover emergency care, procedures and preventative care at the Pet Health Center. Many insurance companies provide pet insurance for their pet, especially animals that spend time at the office.

The medical care services offered by Banford Veterinary Hospital are backed by the Canadian Society of Animal Hospitalists (CSAH). The organization was founded in 1954 and works to improve the quality of life of animals. The CSAH works with veterinary physicians, pet owners, animal shelters, and other agencies to improve veterinary care for animals and improve animal care standards throughout the world. CSAH is affiliated with the Canadian Animal Welfare Association (CAFA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Banford Veterinary Hospital has been accredited by the Pet Industry Veterinary Medicine Association. The institution is licensed and insured under the Health Services Organizations Act. The institution was named one of the “50 Best Practices” clinics and has been ranked among the top ten veterinary practices in Canada by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). It is ranked among the top twenty “Best Pet Hospitals” in Canada by the Canadian Pet Hospital Association.

Banford Veterinary Hospital, Vancouver, WA

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